Edition #26: SEO for large websites

Despite this never-ending pandemic, if feels like 2021 has sneaky flown by, and it is pretty cool to think that the autumn conference season ahead might actually be one with real humans. Here's hoping, anyway.

Onto the good stuff...

Recent Tech SEO Stuff We Love

SEO for large websites

via @dom_woodman

This is the written version of Dom's excellent BrightonSEO presentation on SEO for large websites, covering data collection methodologies, finding and prioritizing technical issues, and how to prevent future issues causing you problems.

Server Migration SEO Checklist

via @jroakes

Site migrations remain a common technical SEO challenge, since screwing them up can cause many a headache you could frankly do without. This migration checklist from JR focuses on transitioning a website to a new server (rather than situations where the domain is changing).

12 Experiments for Tabbed Content SEO

via @ryansiddle

This is a study on using tabs to hide/display content, and how different methods of inserting content affects whether Google will index it or not. 

Site Architecture: How To Build A Website That Ranks And Converts

via @al_zarz

Website architecture is one of the fundamentals of technical SEO that you need to get right in order to maximise the potential of your website. In this mammoth guide, Aleksandra covers methodologies for situations when you are starting from scratch (or doing a redesign), as well as handy 'dos and don'ts' for analysing existing site architecture.

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