Edition #15: Rethinking Technical SEO Audits

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Rethinking Technical SEO Audits

via @bertiecharlton

If, as part of your job, you spend any time producing website audits for clients, you need to read this post. It presents a refreshing amount of common sense and so many things that made me go Yes! (not like that, wash your mind out) while I was reading it.

My favourite snippet: "The purpose of a technical SEO audit is to persuade your client to implement your recommendations. Yet so many SEOs neglect persuasive writing." 

Did I persuade you to read it?

Google’s Featured Snippet-Apocalypse, FAQ Schema, No Snippet & Max Snippets Tags

via @clairecarlile

In the wake of last month's Featured Snippet de-duplication bombshell, this is comfortably my favourite post on the topic. Claire was literally out there switching up schema markup and swapping between Featured Snippets and FAQ results. An absolute must read for anyone with eyes.  

Hidden Keywords (game)

via @davepeiris

Utterly addictive and fiendishly challenging, this game will have you trying ALL SORTS OF RANDOM ideas to try and find the keywords. Be prepared to lose a few hours of your life.

A bunch of awesome free SEO tools

I love me a good SEO tool, and for some reason there's been loads released in the last few weeks...

  • Detailed SEO Extension - this Chrome extension does an excellent job of pulling and presenting page-level data, and makes it super easy to do repetitive SEO tasks (like 'check links on Ahrefs').
  • Search Console Explorer Sheet - Google Sheet that gives you TONS of additional insight into Google Search Console data, just paste in an export from GSC and get exploring!
  • FAQPage JSON-LD Schema Generator - quick and simple tool for generating FAQPage schema, perfect for non-developers who want to add this schema markup. 
  • Performance Reporting Dashboard in DataStudio - a really cool tool that generates Lighthouse reports and uses the data to build a performance dashboard in Google Data Studio.
  • Knowledge Graph Search - a simple interface to query the Knowledge Graph API, which reveals entity information related to a keyword. Have a play!

Other Stuff You Should Check Out

  • How to Use Reddit For Search and Content Marketing
    Reddit plays host to tons of active members who care very deeply about certain topics. This post shows you how to use Reddit for content ideation and promotion in active and growing subreddits.
  • Hundreds of ecommerce tips from Dan Barker on Twitter
    This Twitter thread epitomises Dan (who is basically a genius) and his humble, generous nature - literally sharing hundreds of ecommerce gold-dust in a series of seemingly never-ending tweets. Even if you are not into ecommerce, he is absolutely well worth a follow.
  • An Analysis Of The DatingMark Billboard Links
    Little known fact, Mark 'billboard guy' Rofe actually plays in my 5-a-side football team. Well, he played once while I was at the UK Search Awards (humblebrag) so we've never actually played together. Our team lost 10-0, he got injured and has not played since (he has 'hurty foot' apparently). Anyway, this post is a nice analysis of the business case for literally pimping yourself to get links.
  • Can You Trust SEO Tools for B2B Keyword Research?
    An interesting study in the accuracy of SEO tools for keyword research, with some very useful takeaways.

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