Edition #9: 'Edge SEO' & John Mueller Interview

I hope you are having a productive 2019 thus far. It feels like Christmas was weeks ago! 

We have some entertaining stuff for you this month. Onward...

Recent Tech SEO Stuff We Love

What Is Edge SEO & Why You Should Adopt It

via @TaylorDanRW

It is rare that we, as an industry, discover genuinely new ways to actually do SEO. But that's exactly what the guys at SALT.agency have been working on - something called 'Edge SEO' - a system that uses Cloudflare Workers to execute JavaScript and change elements of the DOM, before the URL is served. This helps tackle the ageiest, oldiest problem with technical SEO - actually getting shit implemented. This article introduces you to the topic of Edge SEO and what you can do with it, but SALT have actually gone one better, and built an application for you to do it yourself - which you can check out here.

Interviewing Google’s John Mueller at SearchLove

via @willcritchlow

In these newsletters I don't tend to include 'SEO news', or 'John Mueller said this on Twitter' type stuff. This interview was different though - as the curious and persuasive Will Critchlow's probing led to some genuine clarity around topics that have been badly understood for a while now.

Getting the Most out of Google Chrome for Technical SEO

via @SaijoGeorge

This article could well have been called 'loads of awesome things you can do with Chrome, that you probably didn't know you could do with Chrome.' Perhaps not as catchy, I suppose. There's things in here that even bona fide SEO veterans won't know about, so I challenge you to read this and not learn something new.

Inspect URLs for Search Console Accounts You Don’t Have Access To

via @ohgm

In a bizarre twist of events, one of Oli's weird experiments has yielded a Search Console exploit with marginal real world applications. It is kinda fun though.

Other Stuff You Should Check Out

  • Content Marketing for SaaS with John-Henry Scherck
    This video series is really well put together, and the guests are consistently excellent. This one is no different, with John-Henry explaining his approach to content marketing, which is fuelled by a deep understanding of searcher intent and the entire marketing funnel.  
  • Grindstone's Epic Twitter Thread
    An SEO case study, presented on Twitter, with some really interesting takeaways.
  • Master Keyword Research in 7 Days
    This is a course that keyword research maestro Nick Eubanks previously ran as a paid product, which he very recently made free!

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