Edition #4: How Giphy lost 95% of its Google organic visibility

I appear to be making a mockery of our newsletter name, as it's not exactly been 'monthly' so far. But 'Sitebulb Every-so-often' doesn't have the same magnificent ring to it.

Since the last email, big changes have happened in the industry. Google showed us how we can save literally minutes a year using their AI-powered hairdresser booking service, 300 billion GDPR emails were sent and duly ignored, and our very own Sitebulb software graduated to version 2.0.

What a time to be alive.

Recent Tech SEO Stuff We Love

Giphy’s Visibility Drops: Conspiracy or Consequence?

via @TomekRudzki

A very enjoyable and in parts shocking exploration into Giphy's dramatic drop in search visibility over the last few months. I legit OMG-ed when I read the cloaking bit, frantically changing user-agent to see for myself what they'd done.

Technical SEO for Content Marketers​

via @jimmy_daly

What I like about this post is that it doesn't try to do too much, but offers a clear and thoughtful take on how content marketers can become more technical, whilst skilfully avoiding the lazy, presumptuous trope: 'all SEOs should learn to code.' 

How social image sharing works and how to optimize your og:image tags

via @jonoalderson

A non-rant post from Jono - a rare delicacy indeed - so make the most of this one, which has got to be the most comprehensive article out there on optimizing social share images.

Experts On The Wire Podcast with Alexis Sanders

via @dan_shure

I know, I KNOW, this is from back in January, but it's so good I didn't want to miss it. Alexis is a ridiculously smart technical SEO and here she shares her thoughts on voice search, duplicate content, structured data, plus a ton of other stuff.

Other Stuff You Should Check Out

  • Growth Engineering Blog
    In a departure from tradition, this link is not to a specific post, but to a whole blog. The Growth Engineering Blog is run by a technical lead on the growth team at Pinterest, who shares some fascinating insight into how they approach SEO and carry out A/B testing at scale.
  • The Penguin Awards
    Dom Hodgson's non-standard take on the industry awards ceremony, The Penguin Awards include the likes of 'Best Drunk Domain Name Purchase' and 'Best Accidental Ranking'. Go get your entries in now (all entry fees go to charity, so you'll get a warm fuzzy feeling even if you don't win).
  • CSS and the First Meaningful Paint
    Since we added First Meaningful Paint as a metric that Sitebulb collects, I've had a bunch of support questions about what it means, and I always suggest users take some time to watch this video, which explains it really well.

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