Setting up an Ionos server for Sitebulb Server

Ionos offer a range of dedicated servers that are a great fit for Sitebulb Server.

The video below shows you the start-to-finish process of setting up an Ionos server, opening up a network port, installing Sitebulb Server on it, and connecting to the server from your local machine:

Bullet-point reference of each step:

  1. Choose dedicated server from AMD/Intel options (see recommended specifications)
  2. Add Windows Server OS
  3. Select data centre location
  4. Order server and add billing details
  5. Wait for server to become active
  6. Add firewall rule to open port 10401, and assign the rule to your server
  7. Add firewall rule to open port 3389 for RDP access, and assign the rule to your server
  8. Wait for firewall policies status to turn green
  9. Connect via RDP (& get password)
  10. Install Sitebulb Server
  11. Activate license and configure server (see guide on this)
  12. Connect desktop to Sitebulb Server (see guide on this)