Integrating Slack with Sitebulb Server

Sitebulb Server can be integrated with Slack, so that you can receive Slack notifications about the progress of the audits running on your server.

Integration is quick and simple, this article will guide you through the steps to get set up.

Set up Incoming WebHook

To get started, you'll need to be logged into your Slack workspace, then visit this URL.

You should come to a screen like the one below. Click the green Add to Slack button:

Add to Slack

Then, scroll down to the setup area and select the Slack channel you want Sitebulb Server to post to;

Add to slack integration

Slack will then refresh the page, and you'll be presented with a load of information about how to setup your integration - this can all be ignored as we have already taken care of it at our end.

However if you scroll down to the Integration Settings section you can optionally customise how the data gets displayed in Slack (red boxes below). Whether or not you do this, make sure to copy the Webhook URL as you will need this in the next step.

Slack integration settings

Add WebHook URL to Sitebulb Server

To do this next part, you will need to be logged into your server directly (e.g. via RDP) - you can't do this from a Sitebulb Pro/Lite client connected to Sitebulb Server.

Once you are logged onto the server machine, go to the Server Settings section in Sitebulb (top right hand corner).

From here, select the Slack Integration tab and paste in the Webhook URL you copied from Slack in the step above. Also add the channel name in Slack that you wish to post to:

Slack integration

Additionally, if you wish to customise your experience still further, switch across to the Management tab and add a 'Server Name' - this is what will show as the app name in your Slack notifications.

Server name

Click save and you are done!

Enjoy Sitebulb notifications in Slack

Once everything is set up, there's nothing more to do. As audits on the server run, you will get notifications in your chosen Slack channel:

Slack messages

You'll also be notified when audits are paused, or if they error.