High This Hint is very important, and definitely warrants attention. Issue This Hint represents an error or problem that needs to be fixed.

Has unsupported or misconfigured hreflang

This means that the URL in question has one or more outgoing hreflang annotation that is configured incorrectly.

Why is this important?

This is a situation where the hreflang is just completely broken - it won't be recognised by search engines and therefore will not be taken into account when determining which content to show in different locations.

An example of misconfigured hreflang would be if the URL was missing, or if the hreflang tags were configured using regular anchor links.

What does the Hint check?

This Hint will trigger for any URL which has at least one outgoing hreflang annotation that is misconfigured.

Examples that trigger this Hint:

Consider the URL: https://example.com/fr/page-a/

The Hint would trigger for this URL if it had misconfigured or unsupported hreflang;

<link rel="alternate" href=" " hreflang="en-gb" />

another example would be;

<a href="https://example.com/de/page-a/" hreflang="de-de"></a>

How do you resolve this issue?

Misconfigured hreflang cannot be ignored if you want search engines to serve the correct localised content in different regions.

You will need to inspect the code to understand what the issue is, before you can resolve it. Compare the code to a valid hreflang example, to help you understand what is different.

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