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Structured Data Change History Timeline

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October 2021

Several recommended properties removed from COVID-19 announcements rich result

Google have removed the properties below from their recommended list, stating that they are "unused by Google Search" and that the Rich Result Test doesn't flag warnings for them.

  • provider
  • audience
  • serviceType
  • address
  • category

May 2020

New GSC reports for COVID-19 announcements rich result

New reports added to Google Search Console to help you find issues with implementation and ongoing performance monitoring for this rich result type.

April 2020

New recommended properties to COVID-19 announcements

Added a new example and optional recommended properties to support COVID-19 announcements, specifically regarding government benefits.


Rich Results Test tool now supports COVID-19 announcements

Updated the COVID-19 announcements documentation. The Rich Results Test now supports SpecialAnnouncements.


Clarification to COVID-19 announcements documentation regarding business opening hours

Added a note to COVID-19 announcements documentation to clarify that businesses should use LocalBusiness markup or Google My Business to update store hours and post updates.


New recommended property to COVID-19 announcements

Removed the caution note about the Structured Data Testing Tool from the COVID-19 announcements documentation. The Structured Data Testing Tool now supports announcementLocation. Added a new screenshot of an announcement in Search results. Added a new example that shows a page with multiple announcements, and added Microdata examples.


Updated COVID-19 announcements documentation to provide details of GSC submission

Added new guidance on how to submit COVID-19 announcements in Search Console. Added information on how to sign up for the technical support group.

March 2020

Published new guidance on how to add structured data to COVID-19 announcements

Added a new search feature 'COVID-19 announcements' with a documentation page providing guidance on how to add the markup to your site. This feature is still under development, and you may see changes in requirements, guidelines, and how the feature appears in Google Search.

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