Take out a Loan with a Bank.

Sometimes it is not possible to take out a loan with a bank or lender. This can occur, for example, if you have a low income, are in debt or are older than 65. It is then an option to take out a social loan with the Gemslikte CredorBaNk. However, this is often the last choice.

With a social loan, you borrow a fixed amount from the GKB on a one-off basis. A loan from the GKB is a fixed loan. This means that the duration and interest of the loan have already been determined in advance. So you know what your monthly expenses are and when you have fully repaid the loan.

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What is the City Credit loan?

What is the City Credit loan?

The City Credit loan (abbreviated GKB) is also called the VisCredorBaNk.

The GKB is a government institution for debt assistance, debt prevention, income management and social credit. We help people with a financial problem that they do not (or no longer) solve themselves and to prevent it. The GKB cooperates with various agencies, such as social work. The GKB works for the residents of 23 municipalities.

Why should I take out a loan with deGKB?

The bank was set up by the municipality and provides loans to people who can no longer take out a loan with a commercial financial institution.

This may be because the person in question does not have sufficient income to pay off all her debts. The GKB can offer a solution for this. The GKB has no profit motive and that is beneficial for the person who wants to take out the social loan. The loan must be paid back with interest, but is not as high as with a commercial loan.

What are the Conditions of a Social Loan?

You can apply for a social loan if you are eighteen or older. Every municipality has a credit bank where you can do this. To take out a social loan, you must meet a number of requirements:

  • You have a monthly income that is a maximum of 130 percent of the statutory minimum wage.
  • You are 65 or older
  • You are registered with the BKR.

How Much Money Can You Borrow From The City Credit loan?

How Much Money Can You Borrow From The City Credit loan?

A customized social loan is provided. The amount of the loan depends on your personal financial situation. Think of your income, how high your debts are, the amount of your fixed costs, etc.

It is not possible to borrow less than 500 euros from the City Credit loan.

How do you apply for a Social Loan?

How do you apply for a Social Loan?

Taking out a social loan with the GKB works slightly differently than when you do this with a bank or lender. You must first apply for a social loan. You can do this by completing a form intended for this and sending it to your municipality. At most municipalities you can do this digitally via their website. On the basis of your completed data, the municipality determines whether you are eligible for a social loan. If this is the case, you will be invited for an intake interview. It is then the intention that you take all your data, such as an identity card, contracts, bills, etc., with you. During this intake interview the GKB tries to get a good picture of your financial and your personal situation. After this, we will look at how they can best help you. This can be for example with a social loan, with which you can pay off your debts. A social loan runs for a maximum of 5 years.